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            Syclone brand provides the highest quality products to meet the needs of the
            ever changing and evolving restoration industry. Safety Express has the
            equipment to tackle any job. Try Syclone today and see the difference.


            LGR 145 DEHUMIDIFIER
            The Syclone LGR145 XL Dehumidifier is unsurpassed in durability
            and reliability providing outstanding water removal capabilities,
            pulling 145 pints per day at AHAM, in a smaller footprint and
            weighing only 115 lbs!

                  ITEM NO.                LGR 145
              Pints per day at AHAM    145 pints / 68.6 L
                   Weight               115 lbs / 50 kg
                  Amp Draw                 9.8 A
              Operating Temp Range       33°-100° F
                  Material              Polyethylene
                 Blower CFM         280 cfm, Floor-Level Outlet
                    Volts                  115V
                    Filter                 F368

             ITEM NO.        DESCRIPTION
             SYC-F532-RED    Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier - Red
             SYC-F532-BLU    Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier - Blue

            SERIES 7 DEHUMIDIFIER                                         ITEM NO.              SERIES 7
            The Syclone Series 7 dehumidifier                         Pints per day at AHAM   76 pints / 35.9 L
            features a compact, portable design                            Weight             85 lbs / 38.5 kg
            with easy to use digital controls.
            Durable rotational-molded housing                             Amp Draw               7.36 A
            and semi-pneumatic wheels provide                           Operating Temps         33°-100° F
            a long service life and make it easy
            to transport to and from the job site.                         Material            Polyethylene

            Automatic condensate pump                                     Blower CFM           150-375 cfm
            removes water for unattended                                    Volts                115V
            operation. Digital control will
            automatically restart if power                                  Filter            SYC-1657-3521
            is interrupted. Also features an
            hour-meter for timed operation.
            Exhaust port allows for easy                             ITEM NO.        DESCRIPTION
            connection to various ducting                            SYC-SERIES7-RED  Syclone Series 7 Dehumidifier - Red
            options. Available in blue or red.
                                                                     SYC-SERIES7-BLUE  Syclone Series 7 Dehumidifier - Blue

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