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                                                                      Asbestos Abatement - Low Risk ( BC Only)
                                                                      Asbestos Abatement - Moderate Risk ( BC Only)
                                                                      Asbestos Abatement Worker ( Alberta/Sask)
                                                                      Asbestos Supervisor 253S ( Ontario Only)
                                                                      Asbestos Type 1, 2 & 3
                                                                      Asbestos Worker 253W ( Ontario Only)
                                                                      Lead Abatement - High Risk
                                                                      Lead Abatement - Moderate Risk
                                                                      Trauma Scene Remediation
            Our Safety Express Training Series offers general safety and   Xactimate
            mandatory government regulation courses to keep you and   RIA - Pre-Requisite Week
            your team at the forefront.                               RIA - Contents Restoration

            We also offer a variety of continuing education and industry   WHMIS General Information, WHMIS Review
            specific specialty courses to keep you and your team at the   Fall Protection
            leading edge of that industry.                            Confined Space
                                                                      Silica Training
                                                                      Concrete Polishing

                              New courses are added quarterly. Contact us or visit our website
                                       for upcoming course calendar and locations.

                                                     THERMAL IMAGING  TRAINING SERIES

                                                                       Level I - Certification
                                                                       Level I - Building Investigations Certification
                                                                       Level II - Certification
                                                                       Level III - Certification
            Training courses offered by FLIR Systems and Safety Express Training   Building Science
            are geared to infrared camera users of all skill levels. All courses   Analysis & Strategies
            focus on using Thermal Imaging for a variety of condition monitoring   Optical Gas Imaging
            and predictive maintenance applications.

                          We also offer personalized Thermal Imaging customer training.
                    For more information contact: Trish Peden – – 416.669.9875

                                                                 1.800.465.3898    7
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