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                                                      &       RENT IT!                  • WEEKLY
                                                                                        • MONTHLY

            Equipment rental from Safety Express is available to fulfil your needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
                                Our customers benefit from competitive rates and 24/7 service.
                             Our team will assist in getting you what you need – when you need it!

                                                                                          DON'T SEE

                                                                                     WHAT YOU NEED?
                                                                                          ASK US!

                                                                              EQUIPMENT LEASING

                                           We also offer leasing packages tailored to your specific needs.

                          FINANCING        Special Package lease offers for Safety Express customers Include:

                                           •  Up to 60 months lease term     •  No penalty early buyout option
                                           •  No down payment or last month’s   •  Lease to own
                                                payment required
                  Tools, accessories, training, consumables can be included in equipment leases. No additional lease administration fees or service charges.

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