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            Ready when you are. Similar to your organization, the need to respond
            quickly when a situation arises is what separates Safety Express from the rest!

            We understand the importance of a quick response to any number of
            unforeseen circumstances that may come up. Whether its setting up an
            on site Mobile Store for your convenience or leveraging our fully stocked
            warehouses across the country,  we can get you all the equipment and
            chemicals you require when and where you need them.

            Our team is standing by to assist by any means possible.
            Contact us 24/7 and let us know what you need!


            OUR SERVICES


            Safety Express' Service Department is equipped and ready to
            handle your repair needs. Whether it's portable instrumentation,
            dehumidifiers or air movers, our technicians are always on hand to
            diagnose your repairs quickly and accurately.


            RESPIRATOR FIT TESTING - Do you know if you have the
            right fit?  Any person who is required to wear a respiratory face
            piece should be fit tested to ensure the mask fits tightly and it has
            an effective seal. Our team is professionally trained and adheres
            to the latest CSA standards. We offer both (QNFT) Quantitative Fit
            Testing and (QLFT) Qualitative Fit Testing
            on our site, your site or at the job site.

            DOP (Di-Octyl Phthalate)/ PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) TESTING
            If you are using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered equipment, how do you know if it is operating at the
            correct efficiency?

            Any equipment that has a HEPA filter should be tested before beginning a job or after equipment has been transported
            to ensure the HEPA is operating at the expected efficiency, eliminating the risk of potential exposure of hazardous materials.
            (Requirements may vary by province, check your local regulations).

                                         Our team has been trained and certified to perform DOP/PAO tests and uses state
                                         of the art equipment to perform accurate testing.

                                         We offer testing 24/7/365 - Call us today to schedule your testing.

           4                                                               1.800.465.3898
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